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Friday, 18 March 2011

"life is a journey like a train"

A few days ago, i read an article in magazine and my eyes landed on statement "life is a journey like a train" this statement really make me thinking about my life. i find it very true since my life is a journey of train.
the train symbolizes my life truly. a train will stop at one station after another as usual.. and when it reaches the station, some of the passengers will go down and some new one will board the train. if we are in that train, we either go down with some of them or stay on our journey with the new passengers. this exactly like our life. 

now i'm sweet 19.. i'm currently doing my diploma at kptm.. and this is new chapter in my life same like a train.
2years ago i was a high school student, and now i'm college student. I've change my station.. make new friends and meet new peoples. when the time comes i will move to another leaving behind some whom i have met before and meet new ones.. 
we keep moving and changing our surrounding according the time.
we will keep getting new friends but unfortunately sometimes  we miss some too..
we finally will reach the station that we call home. at home people will drop by bringing thousand of things and stories..
and now i'm at the most colourful station i've ever dropped by..


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